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Tri-Power MPT Carries a wide array of industrial products. We are a leading industrial distributor in the Northeast Ohio region of the following items:

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Machine Safety

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Machine Safety
Pressure Sensitive Mats
Bircher Reglomat pressure sensitive mats are tactile sensors that form safety systems of PL e, category 3, when used together with our switching units of the ESD-3 series. They fulfil the standards EN ISO 13849-1 and EN1760-1.Bircher Reglomat pressure sensitive mats are used for detecting people or objects within a defined area. They serve to safeguard danger zones and thereby provide protection for people, or alternatively are used as switching elements in comfort applications. Safety mats used in switching or safety applications are characterised by their high response sensitivity and their sturdy construction. The safety mats are available in different shapes and designs, including the complete mounting accessories.
Aluminum Trim
Extruded aluminum ramp trim secures pressure-sensitive mats to the floor. Ramp trim increases safety by minimizing stumbling hazards and shifting of the mat system. Black and yellow awareness tape can be added to ramp trim for additional visibility. Ramp trim can withstand vehicle traffic.
Standard Edging
Safety Edges for Safeguarding Machinery & Robots, Automatic Doors & Gates, and Public Transit Applications. ClickLine edges are designed with a click-fit foot for the easiest possible installation. No need to pull the profile into the retainer from the side. The uniquely designed profile shape guarantees the maximum switching reliability.
Miniature Edging
Highest Safety with a Small Footprint. S-Line electrical safety edges are perfect for safeguarding crush and shear points on machinery, doorways and anywhere that space is at a premium. Adhesive-backed versions are also available.
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